Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome and Why Blogger?

Welcome to the website and blog for the web series, Demonspawn -- Tales from Demon Under Glass, a web series about a two thousand year old vampire who is on the run with a physician to escape government sponsored medical experiments and the adventures they find along the way.

It is our plan to be as transparent as possible during the development and production on this project. We will show you as much as you can stand about the nuts and bolts of this modest production. To that end, I will first explain why the website is on Blogger. I know there will be some or maybe many who ask why not Tumblr or a dedicated website? It's easy. Blogger is owned by Google. Among the many splendiforous things that Google provides its users is priority in Google search results. In fact, anything mentioned or any image put up on a Google powered blog will come up high on a search. That drives readership and, hopefully, viewership. Additionally, I can easily cross post the blog on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at the time I post this. I know that the url seems cumbersome. If I want to have a customized url, I can do that as well. I won't be doing that for a while though. And, the price is right -- as in it's free. Price is the paramount concern in most of the decisions made for the web series. I may get a Tumblr account to cut and past the blog for those who insist upon that. I will not, however, get a Facebook page for the site. It's just too much to keep track of on top of all the other social media that I have to manage. However, I am not adverse to someone else doing a fan page. But I don't expect that to happen until sometime after the show starts running online.

My current plan is to update this page as things develop. I will not be posting more than once a week even when we're fully in production (this post will not count as a weekly post ♥). I will put photos up on separate pages that will under the LINKS section of the right hand menu under the Gallery. The photos may be passed to any interested parties, but I'd like them to be credited. Likewise, I don't mind segments of this blog being cross-posted elsewhere -- jut attribute the source. We also ask that you label all spoilers and be civil in the comments section. We plan on bringing in the cast for Q&A here and for podcasts on another site. That can only be done in a relaxed setting where everyone is having a good time.

That's it for ground rules. We hope everyone enjoys the ride!