Sunday, September 22, 2013

Latest Script Details and Shoot Date

Okay, we are about to give details about the new script. This will be a SPOILER filled extravaganza. We are keeping the themes of Simon's past relationships and the nuisance for him when vampires become popular in pop culture but with a far more terrifying backdrop than originally planned. Since we will have far fewer episodes in this arc, we thought it best to amp up the jeopardy and the action as quickly as possible. Alas, I have no pretty photos for this post. For those of you who will stop reading here, the shoot begins 11/15/2013.

The focal point of the jeopardy and terror is Special Agent Darabont. He is sent by Delphi's leadership that has been increasingly frustrated with Agent Saybrook's strategy regarding Joe and Simon. He is from the often rumored FBI special forces and quite a scary specimen even to a seasoned agent like Saybrook. However, After speaking to the man, Saybrook determines that his focus is on obtaining or neutralizing Simon and not on obtaining Joe. This suits Saybrook just fine. He has every confidence that if all hell broke lose and Simon was in trouble, Joe would slip away in the mayhem and disappear. He makes one more assumption that proves to be more problematic. Saybrook believes that Darabont has been fully briefed about what Simon Molinar is and is capable of doing.

Meanwhile, Joe and Simon have recently settled into a new town not far from where Saybrook and Darabont were meeting. There is tension between them about Simon's feeding. Joe wants to know when he is and Simon is convinced that is a bad idea. The fight ends in a stoney silence. At some point, Simon tries to break the tension by making dry quips about Twilight and its fans. Joe finally asks about eras in which vampire fever raged. Simon admits that this time reminded him strongly of when Dracula was a play and there was a woman that figured out that he was never seen in daylight. She wanted him to feed on her and make her his bride. Simon wouldn't, because he didn't believe that would work. Ultimately, the girl killed herself. He felt bad that he couldn't solve her problems with a thorough rogering. He goes on to say that he is glad that they are on their current quest, because the Twilight fans are very imaginative and have the internet to fuel speculation. Joe finds that somewhat mausing. The tension was eased for the moment.

The next day, Joe sets off to get a job at the next university. Simon is busily setting up their home only to be interrupted by Darabont. A Bourne Identity  type fight happens throughout the apartment. In the end, Simon's rising blood lust fuels enough strength to feed on the man until he is lifeless. Just then, Joe enters the apartment. He takes in the carnage and destruction and blood and decides that Simon is being a psychotic wise-ass that never wants to lose an argument. Simon blinks at him before asking for help getting rid of the body.

End Episode One