Teaser Trailer Gallery 1

A full blog with more photos will be up later this week. We're still sorting through everything. Meanwhile, here are some highlights.

This is from a scene where Joe McKay (Garett Maggart) and Simon Molinar (Owen Szabo) are combing the internet for news about Delphi.

The extra cast member blew the take, but we thought he was in the moment during the scene.

Joe and simon disagree on who to best escape the area.

 The friendship with FBI Special Agent Ethan Saybrook (Donal Thoms-Capello) could cost Joe his freedom or Agent Saybrook's life.

Will disgraced scientist Dr. Richard Bassett (Jack Donner) be a real help or a hindrance in Agent Saybrook's efforts to save Joe McKay?

Have Joe and Simon argued throughout history?

Did we ever get that take right?

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  1. Bought the DVD, bought the books, and enjoyed them over and over because I couldn't get enough of Dr. McKay and Simon Molinar. I have been hoping for more Demon Under Glass for years! I couldn't believe it when I found this website. Awesome! Sammy Madison