Demonspawn Web Series Character Breakdowns

SPECIAL AGENT ETHAN SAYBROOK – Mid 30s – mid 40s, all ethnicities. 5'10” and taller, physically fit. Serious, law and order type with a keen insight into people and a strong sense of empathy. Though he has always been a company man, the lies told to him about the men he is hunting are not sitting well. He is now only out to do the right thing, no matter what the cost to his career or the risk to his life.

AMY BISHOP – Mid 20s, all ethnicities. Medium height and build. She's a plain Jane with potential physically. Amy has a lot of self-esteem issues that push her into depression and to the point of suicide. Meeting Simon and Joe is a dream come true to a girl who lives in a world of vampire romances looking for the embrace of eternal night. Simon is not exactly what she imagined a vampire to be and their current situation would be funny if it weren't completely terrifying.

SPECIAL AGENT GORDON DARABONT – mid to late 30s, all ethnicities. He is very fit physically in that his body can be a weapon. He was once Special Forces. Though he is in the FBI, he is more like the Treadstone agents from the Bourne series of films. Typically, the mission is everything. However, no one told him he was taking on an actual vampire. Things get really complicated from there.

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