Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Curve Ball and How to Deal

We should be shooting today. We all worked very hard to be shooting this weekend. We pulled off some deals that were astonishing to give us some incredible production values. All of that hinged on us shooting this weekend. However, some of the cast had obligations that could not be changed. Thus, we are not shooting this weekend. In fact, to put together what we had put together for today will take weeks if not months. We will also be re-casting some of the roles. That will take time as well. Fret not, those who invested in the project through Indiegogo. The actor you want most to see is still attached to the project.

To say that we are disappointed is a gross understatement. We were initially so crestfallen that we considered forgetting the entire project and moving on to something else. However, one of our lead did not think this was a good idea either. He maintained that it gave us a chance to make the webseries even stronger than it was. Like Joe McKay finding a new life after Delphi, we could make something new out of what remained. This view prevailed.

We're going to re-group after the New Year and figure out what we want to do about the vacated roles. We are not going with the suggestion of one of our cast that he can play all the parts, including the female characters. Most likely, we'll run another Breakdown. We'll also have to replace the assets we've lost in not shooting today. To that end, I'm working on a lot of other people's shoots to curry favors that I will use later. The upshot is that we have not given up. Nor will we!

As always, we really appreciate your patience and well wishes. I do pass them on to the cast and crew. Look for our holiday wishes on this page in a couple of weeks!


  1. Very sorry to hear about this setback; must be very disheartening for everyone. But I've heard it said that nothing happens without reason in the Universe and life has a habit of working out the way it should. Maybe this will all result in something better than anyone could ever imagine! I hope so, for all of you.

  2. I am so, so sorry to hear that you weren't able to shoot as planned. Disappointed for myself for sure, but mostly for you and all the cast and crew who were equally let down. Thank you for deciding to continue despite everything. You are right in saying that my favourite actor - Garett - is the one I most want to see, and am so glad that he will still be involved.
    And as you say, the web series, once begun, will surely be even stronger for all you trials and tribulations.
    Best of luck with all your plans, and still looking forward to seeing the finished product
    Kate x