Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Wishes and Big Update

Like most Americans, I am in the throes of a pre-Thanksgiving cleaning and cooking frenzy. I'd take a photo, but it is not pretty. Thus, I won't be doing a full blog. I will take a moment to say on behalf of the cast and crew of Demonspawn, Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone be safe and have a wonderful holiday.

Teaser Update

Jon rendered the low-rez version of the rough cut to check it for smooth edits. That seems to have gone well as he is doing a final sound mix, including laying a sound track. He has also asked me for a list of credits. That means that he's nearly ready to render a final, full rez version.

Thus, I am setting a date for upload on Tuesday, November 27th. That will also be the day on which we launch the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. I will post the link for that site -- which is also where the teaser will debut. I'll also have full details on what we're offering in the fundraiser and where we are in the production process for the full series.

To those celebrating, have a great holiday. To everyone else, have a great Thursday!

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