Monday, November 12, 2012

Podcast Outtakes

I've sent the edited interviews off to Nosferatu TV's website Meanwhile, I made a rudimentary video of the outtakes. These were my own questions, and I didn't think they fit well with the ones sent for the podcast. The questions were:
  • What era did Simon like best for clothing?
  • What historical figures would Simon have set out to meet?
  • What are you both looking forward to doing -- as actors -  in the web series.
Here's the link:

I'm doing a whole blog about some of the answers in the podcast. The actors threw us for a creative loop that is most intriguing. I'm really curious as to how Demon Under Glass fans will reaction to their views on the characters. I'll post the blog once the podcast goes live.


  1. Hey thanks for the files, I have them uploaded it took longer due to me not being around. (vacation, were currently working on a review for Demon Under Glass.

  2. Thank you for posting the interviews!