Thursday, November 15, 2012

Intriguing Surprises and the Podcast Interviews

Without further ado, I can announce that the podcast interviews of Garett Maggart, Owen Szabo, Jon Cunningham and me are live at Nosferatu TV's Website. Here's the link:
Listen to the interviews first. Then, come on back for our take on some of the statements. Don't read any further, because there are huge spoilers below! 

As I've said in earlier blogs, one of the best parts about working on a film is the collaborative nature of the creative process. Jon and I have lived with Demon Under Glass for a decade. I've been tinkering with the characters since we stopped filming as an editor and a writer. Still, actors find a way of surprising us with something that simple never occurred as a thought. It is certain that the notions that came up on Friday will surprise fans of the film and the stories. Some fans may find the discussion of Joe McKay quite controversial.

Actors Unscripted

It makes sense that an actor would have a more intricate view of the character he plays than the writers. They have to think of the motivations of only one character. They have to form an understanding of these motives and how they change and why they change over the arc of the story. Whereas the writers have to think about all of the characters and why they do what they do.

We'd always posited that Joe McKay was with Simon primarily out of fear of being captured by Delphi. Further, we maintained that he simply found a way to get along with Simon and cope with his situation to keep his sanity. Garett Maggart's take on Joe in the interview has pretty much upended our suppositions about Joe and, for us, in a delightfully interesting way. He has a view of Joe as being a lot darker than we thought he was. He views Joe as someone who completely understands Simon's nature as something so innate and immutable that he would not try to change him. He also knows that Simon feeding on him is not just a daily risk but also something that is likely inevitable. And if our minds weren't completely blown, he further posits that Joe has something in him that is attracted to the darkness in Simon.

Meanwhile, the young and innocent looking Owen is a completely laid back Simon Molinar. He is calmly unapologetic about his nature with absolutely no remorse. I was delighted to see that he had that vague puzzlement over why anyone would think Simon had any thought about his nature. Juxtaposed against that angelic face, the statements were wonderfully chilly.

I was very pleased with the way both actors viewed their characters even as it will cause a bit of re-writing of not only the webseries script bu also part of my current novel that focuses on the fates of Joe and Simon. I know new fans will find the interviews fascinating. I can't wait to hear the reaction of long time fans – and the writers of Demon Under Glass Fiction.


  1. Thank you for posting the interviews!

  2. Hi. As an 'old' (i.e. original) DUG fan, I admit to really enjoying the film, and most of the fiction it inspired. I have also been eagerly following the progress of the web series. However, I have to admit now I'm a bit worried. Having listened to the podcasts, it seems as if there is a possibility that Joe isn't as I imagined, and may be heading for a less than happy fate. And I don't do death. So if that's a possibility, then I think I'm going to have to give it a miss.
    It would be a great shame, and very disappointing for me, but there it is. Sorry.

    1. Worry not! No one wants to kill Joe. We aren't even interested in turning him. They want to have fun having adventures, and we want them to as well. You'll see the tone we're going for with the teaser.